On Feb 8th 1955 Madame Elenore Knott of the Dumas Brothel had made a decision to change her life.

She had decided to run away with her lover and start a new life.

Her lover was a married Butte business man. 

Elenore waited patiently with suitcase in hand but her lover never showed.--------------In the morning Elenore was found in room #20 of the Dumas Brothel, dead of an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol.--Elenore's life had been very financially rewarding and she possessed a number of worldly goods including a nearly new Red Cadillac Convertible, gold and diamond jewelry, cash and a new Harley Davidson that she had just bought. The motorcycle, she told her friends, was purchased to "put some fun into her life." After her death, none of these things were ever found or reported to her estate! 

Since that time, working girls of the Dumas have reported seeing the ghost of Elenore, suitcase in hand, walking the halls of the Dumas Brothel.

No doubt still searching for her lover----I have encountered the spirit of Elenore many times since I purchased The Dumas in 1990. (Rudy Giecek).

Elenore has also shown her presence to many visitors of the Dumas, but the most dramatic evidence is the appearance of Elenore in many photos taken throughout the Dumas.

Paranormal Researchers have been to the Dumas and have concluded that there are at least two spirits within the building. 

The spirit of Elenore is helping me write a book (Venus Alley) and invites you all to come to the Dumas and experience the spirit(s) for yourself!------Rudy Giecek

Photo added April 21st, 2011

Some ghost orbs hanging out upstairs at The Dumas Brothel in Butte, Montana!

Photos added September 25th, 2009

One of the best ghost photos taken in The Dumas Brothel. Ghost Hunter Stephanie Rowland of Bothel,Wa. says that this woman was not in the Dumas when they were Ghost hunting! Another thing is the wall behind the apparition shows wallpaper~~there is no wallpaper on that wall!

Enlargement of first photo.

PHOTOS ADDED July 24th, 2009!

One of the neatest photos taken to date at The Dumas Brothel. This photo was taken down in the basement of The Dumas by a tour guide. It is unaltered in any way. There are plenty of orbs in the picture but upon closer inspection, we noticed what looked like a scarf/bandana on the floor and also what appears to be a face of a woman. There is no pattern on the floor to have caused this.

Contrast adjusted on the above photo of ghost face with bandana/scarf.

Photo taken outside of The Dumas Brothel

Two (2) different photos taken of The Dumas Brothel tour guide in the basement. In the 1st photo is what seems like a "ghost shoulder" in the picture. In the 2nd photo I guess the spirit decided they didn't want another picture taken of their shoulder. *Grin*

---Strange unexplained photos---

Strange "shift" anomaly of the back alley crib at The Dumas Brothel.

Another "shift" anomaly, this time down in the basement of the Dumas Brothel.

(Photo credits and thanks to Kaitlin for sending them to us!!) ---- Photos added SEPTEMBER 25TH, 2008!
Orb photos in the alley cribs of The Dumas Brothel!

Orb photos downstairs in the basement of The Dumas Brothel!

Orb photos downstairs in the basement of The Dumas Brothel!

Orb photos downstairs in the basement of The Dumas Brothel!

Orb photos downstairs in the basement of The Dumas Brothel!

Orb photos downstairs in the basement of The Dumas Brothel!

A couple having their old-time photo taken. A ghostly image appears on him and also the image appears on the negative.. Also, note that you can actually see through the man where the ghost form is seen.


While taking photos of the underground cribs beneath the Dumas Brothel, some strange apparition's appeared on the film! At the end of the hallway is the door to the main tunnels that connected subterranean Butte to the Red Light district. This photo shows two figures near the door and colored lights streaming from the doorways and ceiling! This one is really spooky! The woman is on the left. She appears to have a big up-do or maybe a hat...her arms are to her side. The man is a bit taller and is looking down at her while his hands are to his side and he has two dollars in his hand!!-------(Just kidding about the two dollars)

Next I took this photo facing towards the steps that ascend to the Dumas brothel. One apparition appears to be heading to the stairs and the other seems to be standing near my left shoulder. This one makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck!

While filming "Return to Lonesome Dove" in the Hills near Butte, Montana, Rick Schroeder and Reese Witherspoon take a much needed break and Visit the Dumas Brothel. One of the first thing Rick said to me was--"Ya know what Mr. Giecek... I feel the presence of two spirits in this building!" Rick said that he was extremely sensitive to spirits because of something that happened to him when he was very young. He explained that while very sick in the hospital, an angel or a spirit visited him and helped him through his illness! Ever since then he has been sensitive to the presence of spirits.

(These pictures added March 07th, 2001)Howdy -------Rudy found another tunnel! In the middle of the downstairs Hallway! His grandson Kevin took two pictures of him in the thing. In the first one Rudy was standing on some rocks. A minute later he had Kevin move the light out of the way and he stood back a little further while Rudy got a little deeper with his head just sticking out of the floor.--As you can see by the second picture he's nowhere in site! There appears to be smoke or clouds or something else it seems... This one is really spooky!!

Note that the ghost in this picture is in the exact same area of the hall as the above ghost photo!

Ghost orb photos taken on October 10th 2002. This is the first time I have seen these things show up on digital photos

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