The Dumas Brothel is full of history and tales. One cannot walk the hallways of the old brothel and not feel this history. "If these walls could talk!" is what most visitors say when they experience The Historical Dumas Brothel. From the alley "cribs" to the beauty of the upper floor, following are some pictures of the Dumas Brothel. Enjoy the look back into history!


Antique Sofa-- This antique sofa was donated to the Dumas two years ago. It came from a brothel that was up the street from the Dumas.
artifacts window display---Window display includes items found in old heat vent, Old cigarette packs,antique condom tin,cigarette butts with lipstick on them,WW1 pinback button (I am for Wilson and a 8 hour day!) cough syrup box (1916) Cuban Cigar, Antique Vasaline Jar,bottle cap from Buttes first brewery(Centenial Brewery) Victrola needles, Gum wrappers.
This crib had been sealed up since Jan 1943 until Rudy and Jason Giecek discovered it in by: Bruce Green
One of the many underground cribs at the Dumas
Basement crib 2---Another of the many basement cribs
bedroom main floor---Scene from old time photo studio with artifacts
break room---main floor break room
brothel timer---Window scene in one of the underground "cribs"includes a brothel timer,brothel script money,brandy bottle,and a photo of one of the "Girls"!
corner sink 1---One of the many corner sinks in the Dumas
Display case--One of the many display cases full of artifacts that were found in (and under the Dumas)
Dresser upstairs---Dresser in upstairs bedroom
Dumas plaque---Dumas plaque on outside of building. Click on photo to read text.
Fridge hiding place---This fridge was modifide for a hiding place for "Sandra" who was hiding from the Police.(her pasport had expired) There are air holes and locks on the inside of the doors! The outside handle appears broken, so if the Police checked it, they would walk right on by!  The Madame (Ruby Garrett) told me that they never did catch Sandra in the fridge. She said the reason was that, the Cops would call in advance before they came so that businessmen and politicians would not be embarressed by being caught in the Dumas!
Front Dumas new---Front view of Dumas Brothel
lamp and table---Lamp and table in one of the underground cribs.
light fixture-- combination gas/electric light fixture, upstairs of the Dumas
old time photo scene---Old time photo scene
Paris Love on Dumas bed.-- The famous Dumas bed in the Old Time Photo Studio
Paris Love on Rudy's bike----Paris Love on Rudy's bike
Paris Love visits the Dumas--Paris Love in Dumas Photo Studio
Radiator---One of the unusual radiators located throught the Dumas
Underground crib display-----Window display in one of the underground cribs including; lipsticks, opium bottle, codeine package, brandy bottle, antique lamp.
Upstairs Dumas Brothel--Upper higher class rooms of the Dumas
Washing Machine Antique washing machine and fridge with hiding place